Design is what we do.

Design is what we do.


What Our Clients are Saying

Eddie O

I have used Erin Clark design for a couple of projects now. They are easy to work with, have a great positive attitude, and have experience in design and creating user-friendly websites. Some of my colleagues have also used them, that is how I learned about them. Erin Clark Website Design does work with dynamic websites that use programming, scripts, and databases and helped me create a storefront with e-commerce that I can now easily manage.Initially, I was afraid to engage a web designer because I didn t understand all the technology or the process very well. They made me comfortable and helped me with the direction the project needed to go in.They may not be the cheapest, but their prices are fair. In fact, they steered me away from my original direction because it was going to cost me a lot more money in the long run. They fore-saw that problem and are helping me run a more reliable website and e-commerce platform.


Eric Clark and her dedicated team immediately accepted the challenge of creating a logo for our company Little Dog Angel. Thanks to Erins creativity, we have earned the trust countless stores in the Dallas Metroplex as well as in San Antonio and Austin. We have a brand that people trust in for their "furry family" and this is largely due to Eric Clark Design.

Barbara G

We are so excited about the new website. You have done a wonderful job, and in record time! We are very impressed and can’t wait for everyone to see it. Many thanks for everything!

Richard S

Once again you have done a beautiful design!!!!!!!!!

Sahar F

Fabulous. I love it. Great job !!!!!!

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